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Green Initiatives

MGC Pure Chemicals America (MPCA) addresses environmental issues proactively. We effectively use management to engage actively in environmental conservation and in pursuing green initiatives.  In addition to an extremely environment friendly manufacturing process, MPCA is continuing to look for ways to protect the envfironment and the surrounding community.  Below are some green intiatives MPCA is actively doing:


  1. Recycling of pallets, drums, paper and plastic to reduce waste sent to the landfill.

MPCA has made a strong effort to recycle expired drums due to the amount of plastic drums used.  Our Third-Party vendor recycles the plastic pallets and drums for re-use in other consumer plastics, from 2012 - 2016 we have recycled over 394,402 pounds.

 In early 2016, we started encouraging our employees to recycle consumables such as glass, cans and cardboard.


    2. Paper consumption reduction

Converting to electronic presentations and setting printers for double-sided printing by default has significantly reduced consumption.


  1.  Energy efficient materials of construction

MPCA is in the final stages of replacing fluorescent and sodium halide fixtures with LED across the facility.  We will         reduce the overall environmental impact and operational costs, while improving the security and safety for our employees.


  1. Use auto-tire inflators on chassis to reduce wear on isotainer chassis tires 

°     Save one full set of tires per chassis per year



  1. Water Recovery

°      In 2017 Quarter 1, MGC Pure Chemicals plumbed our 2 Reverse Osmosis concentrate lines to a holding tank to be used for our cooling tower needs.  Estimated Water recovery 2,400,000 gallons per year.  That equates to 120 swimming pools or 3.64 Olympic size swimming pools.

°       We are potentially looking into recovering our effluent waste water for other applications onsite.


  1.  Reduce cycle time for weekly emergency generator check

2018 Green Initiative Ideas

  • Install motion sensors for lighting in certain areas of the facility.
  • Reuse Industrial waste water for certain processes.